Our new web-based fleet analytics tool integrates and analyzes your fleet-related data points to uncover cost saving opportunities. Use the evidence to take corrective action or support business decisions. Identify short and long-term trends, realize insights, explore sources and tell stories.

  • Obtain detailed information into your organization’s fuel card spend
  • Easily view Key Performance Indicators, review purchases at the product-level, and identify high-spend drivers
  • Make comparisons such as year-over-year performance across key metrics and side-by-side evaluations of divisions, regions, and locations
  • View information across commonly utilized exceptions to quickly identify areas that require your attention
  • Identify potential fraudulent activity and opportunities for driver education



Elevate Your Analysis and Decision Making

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Level 3 Data Capture Thumbnail

WEX Level III Data Capture

Our proprietary network helps you capture data and control what transactions are allowed, including purchase type, time period, and dollars per transaction.

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WEX GPS Tracking Thumbnail

WEX Telematics GPS Tracking

Get a real-time view of where your fleet vehicles are, what your drivers are doing, and how you can improve their performance.

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WEX Fleet vs FlexCard

Compare Fleet Cards

Choose your company fuel card simply by selecting the one that will benefit your fleet the most. Compare terms and fees, then click to apply in minutes.

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WEX Fleet Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Optimize fuel purchases and processes, and adapt quickly to changing market demands. Our team uses industry-leading tools to ensure you buy at the right time, from the right source.

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WEX Fuel Retailer Solutions

Begin accepting the WEX Fleet Card and instantly place yourself on the map for over 4.5 million commercial and government fleet drivers.

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WEX Employee Health Accounts

Give employees greater control over their healthcare expenses, and greater responsibility for their choices, while reducing your costs.

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