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Cobrand Fleet Card Program - Partner or Fleet Billed Solutions


Cobrand fleet cards

Leasing companies, vehicle manufacturers and other businesses take advantage of WEX’s Cobrand Fleet Card programs to enhance their service offering to existing clients and attract new fleets.

You choose how you’d like to work with us:

  • Partner Billed – Maintain your credit relationship with fleets through billing, service and risk management, and we’ll handle data collection, transaction processing and reporting.
  • Fleet Billed – Let us handle the entire program for you. In addition to partner-billed services above, we will assume responsibility for managing the credit relationship, including service, billing and receivables.

Fleet cards with industry-leading support

With WEX’s Cobrand Fleet Cards, you enjoy a range of benefits that give you precise control over your service offering:

  • Simple Administration – Let us handle the back office operations and we’ll integrate our processes with yours to provide accurate, comprehensive daily settlement and accounting information.
  • Advanced Online Management– With our WEXOnline® account management tool you can view your entire portfolio – down to a single fleet customer – and enjoy simple integration with your existing online management tools.
  • Help with Growing Your Business – We’ll put our marketing knowledge and sales expertise to work for you to boost the success of your fleet program over the long haul.
  • Precise Reports–You’ll receive detailed information regarding site and customer sales, so you can analyze your business and fine-tune it to boost sales and efficiency.