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Fuel Cards & Tools for Universal Fleet Management


Fuel cards for fleets

WEX Fleet Cards can help your business save up to 15%* on fuel management expenses, while you gain tighter control of your spending and greater support from a leader in precision fleet solutions.

Our fuel cards go wherever your business does

WEX fuel cards are welcomed at more than 90% of U.S. fuel and service locations – that’s more than 180,000 sites across America, including 54,000 stations with diesel. Such broad acceptance lets our 350,000+ customers make nearly 320 million fuel purchases a year with our cards. The drivers of more than 7.7 million commercial and government vehicles rely on their WEX Cards fleet services to fill up and stay on the move.

Better data lets you see into your fuel costs

WEX’s proprietary network captures Level III data at virtually every accepting location, including essential information such as a driver ID, vehicle ID or odometer reading. This is data you can’t get from most banks – so vital savings opportunities can slip past. Working with WEX and our fleet services team, cost-conscious fleet managers:

  • Gather precise details on each transaction
  • Develop standard and custom reporting – and seize opportunities for savings
  • Set limits on dollar amounts and product types, to ensure that drivers spend money only on fuel and related fleet services

Start saving on fuel and optimizing your fleet expenses. Apply today.

* Actual savings may vary