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WEX Fuel Management - Fuel Management Experts


Fleets look to WEX for answers

Petroleum distributors, fuel retailers and managers of large fleets rely on WEX Fuel Advisors to help them tightly manage operations, lower fuel costs and enhance revenue – saving an average of 3 to 4 cents per gallon on every delivery.

Combining expertise and technology, WEX Fuel Management improves your bottom line by helping you monitor, manage and optimize your bulk fuel procurement – freeing up precious time and capital.

Our team of precision fuel management experts helps you manage inventory levels, determine the best times to order, find the lowest-priced sources, and execute orders to maximize savings.

The WEX Fuel Management team works seamlessly with your company to:

  • Reduce overall spending for on-site bulk fuel
  • Lower the costs of transportation and administration
  • Cut carrying costs by optimizing inventory levels
  • Strengthen supply contract negotiation and management
  • Sharpen tracking and reporting processes