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WEX Telematics Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking and Management


More than fleet vehicle tracking

WEX Telematics is an easy-to-use fleet vehicle tracking solution that helps you to monitor fuel use and driver behavior – anytime, anywhere. Our customers report savings immediately after installing this sophisticated fleet management tool. Our vehicle location monitoring and diagnostics let you:

  • Reduce fuel consumption – our customers save 11%-15% savings annually
  • Lower your maintenance costs
  • Increase driver productivity – our customers achieve a 26% gain on average
  • Detect and address unsafe or illegal driver behavior
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use and help to prevent vehicle theft

Fleet services that travel with you

Fleet vehicle tracking is always at your fingertips. Stay in touch from your office or home computers, or from your mobile devices. Wherever you are, you can manage fleet fueling using these essential tools:

  • Fuel Guard Reports and Alerts – let you see card misuse when it happens
  • Fuel Card Transaction Integration – provides you with simultaneous vehicle location, idling, speeding, and fueling
  • Garmin GPS Integration – lets you assign and ping new jobs to your drivers