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Small Business Fuel Cards for Companies


WEX small business cards save cash

Join small businesses across America that are saving up to 15 percent* on their fuel costs each year by using the WEX Fuel Card.

With a WEX fuel card your business gets much more than savings at the pump: you reduce the risk of fraud, cut down on paperwork, and smaller fleets may even earn rewards.**

Our fuel cards provide greater control and simplicity

The WEX Fleet Card gives you better insight into what you’re spending and how to save more. Say goodbye to receipts: All fueling activity is collected in one, easy-to-read report. Say goodbye to the insecurity of spending with cash, too. You can set restrictions on cards to prevent unwanted spending.

Fuel cards that deliver information that drives savings

At virtually every accepting location where you fuel your vehicles, WEX’s proprietary network captures information such as a vehicle ID, driver ID, and odometer reading. This information, which most bank cards can’t provide, lets your small business track and analyze your vehicle costs – and seize opportunities for savings.

Know whether gas is cheaper right up the road.

Fuel Price Mapping can help you find the lowest-priced fuel in a specific area. Powered by Google Maps™, our mobile app, WEX Connect, pinpoints fuel stations by street, city, state, ZIP code or fuel type.

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* Actual savings may vary

**Available for fleets with fewer than 50 vehicles only.