We see corporate payments differently.

Virtual Payment Solutions for Hospitals with ERP System Integration


Hospital Payment Solutions

It’s no longer enough to rely on insurance reimbursements to sustain a hospital’s revenue. That’s why hospitals are turning to WEX’s virtual payment technology to boost the efficiency of their payment processes and deliver profits to their bottom line.
Hospital suppliers, too, are discovering the benefits of our solutions: over 10,000 of them already participate in the program.

Invoice-level detail with every payment

Replace paper checks with electronic payments through the MasterCard® network. The program provides invoice-level detail that carries through to settlement, which is vital data when you’re managing 300 to 500 invoices per bed every year.

Such power and precision help to reduce the time needed for reconciliation and problem solving, so your staff can focus on the most critical goal: improving patient health.

  • Improve working capital
  • Increase efficiencies with invoice-level detail
  • Earn revenue share on payments processed
  • Easily integrates with existing ERP systems – no upfront or on-going costs.