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Pacific Pride and Cardlock Fueling - Franchise Opportunities


Cardlock fueling for fleets begins with WEX

Commercial fueling is one of America’s fastest growing industries – and a Pacific Pride franchise offers you a substantial opportunity. Pacific Pride is the most recognized brand in the industry, with millions of customers, more locations than other franchises – and a positive trajectory for continued growth.

As a Pacific Pride franchisee you will benefit from our network’s collective buying, marketing and sales opportunities, which offer the potential to elevate your success beyond what otherwise might be possible.

Cardlock fueling means 24-hour opportunity

The cardlock concept, combined with Pacific Pride’s well-established and growing network, represents a clear opportunity in a growing industry.

  • Pacific Pride offers you more than the competition – more locations, more savings, reliable technology, and tighter security
  • As a franchisee, you set your margin, allowing for cost plus pricing for your customers and the flexibility of retail plus for third party cards.
  • As a franchisee, you earn revenue anytime a customer of another franchisee uses your site.
  • Pacific Pride and 3rd party customers of other franchisees can easily find the nearest fueling stations by using our robust online search and marketing tools