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Fuel Supply Management Software for Merchants - WEX Fuel Management


Fuel supply management begins here

Convenience stores, fuel outlets and fuel suppliers rely on WEX’s precise fuel merchant solutions to improve their fuel margins through greater efficiency and optimized buying and administration.

WEX Fuel Management is the nation's leading fuel supply management software and service provider, covering over 39,000 locations and 31 billion gallons annually. WEX Fuel Management’s leading suite of web-based applications gives fuel merchants the business intelligence they need to lower supply and transportation costs, react swiftly to market swings, and reduce the cycle time for billing.

Improve profitability and efficiency with our fuel supply services

Fuel retailers use TelePoint’s advanced architecture to:

  • Manage inventory, forecast delivery projections, and plan orders – to reduce run-outs, diversions, and split-loads, and significantly reduce excess in-ground inventory
  • Buy fuel at the optimal time and place, and in the right quantity
  • Coordinate transportation in less time and with fewer errors
  • Keep information flowing to and from drivers through a mobile handset
  • Mitigate fuel risk and pursue environmental compliance cost-effectively