Is Travel Part of the Tech Industry?

travel technology industry

For an industry dedicated to taking people from one physical location to the next—in providing in-person, culturally immersive, tangible experiences—there’s an awful lot of technology driving its momentum. In their report, Travel Distribution: The End of the World as We Know It?, London School of Economics notes, “the travel distribution industry is rapidly becoming a… Read more »

3 Duty of Care Best Practices for Today’s Corporate Travel Managers

travel duty of care

In light of recent terror attacks and natural disasters around the world, traveling can be worrisome for even the most seasoned business traveler. Travel has always carried inherent risk; however, as employees are “far and away” on company business, employers simply have less control over their workers’ health and safety when they’re outside of the… Read more »

3 Ways Travel Suppliers Can Use Travel Reviews

customer reviews

Today’s traveler is seeking an experience and they’re out there looking for it. Whether they’re preparing to explore the delights of a new city, to traverse uncharted terrains, or relax poolside, they’ve got a vision in mind and usually a budget to meet. They’ve got expectations and throughout their trip-planning process, they’re looking for what’s… Read more »

Booking Patterns of UK Travellers: Where, When, What, Why

UK Booking Patterns

Where are travellers booking travel? When is travel booked? What type of booking options are preferred? Why do travellers prefer different approaches? WEX conducted a survey of UK consumers to understand consumer preferences when booking travel and what influences the choices made. Booking Online vs Offline Our research found that while most consumers now book… Read more »

The Right Payment Strategy Is Critical to Travel Brands Post-Brexit

post brexit payments

Barring the unexpected success of any midnight-hour legal challenges to the UK invoking Article 50, the United Kingdom’s decision to remove itself from the European Union will become a reality within the next two years, as leaders from UK and the remaining 27 countries in the EU work toward a hopefully hospitable, mutually agreed upon… Read more »