Why Canada is a Top Tourist Destination in 2017

Canadian landscape

O Canada! Set to celebrate its 150th birthday, the world’s second largest country is poised as a top tourist destination for 2017. The New York Times has named this northern nation No. 1 on its list, noting that Canada is “a world unto itself, with cosmopolitan cities, barely explored natural wonders and everything in between.”… Read more »

Are the World’s Busiest Airports the Best?

There are roughly 42,000 airports in the world. Over 13,500 of these are in the US, 3,100 are in the European Union, 507 in China, 161 in Costa Rica, 18 in Bangladesh and 1 in Gibraltar. This should give an idea to the scope of the landscape when drilling down to the world’s busiest airports… Read more »

Hospitality Brands Seek to Understand Travelers’ Lifestyle Patterns

Moving Beyond Demographics Travel suppliers today are looking at more than demographic factors to understand and target their customers. They’re considering travelers’ psychographic characteristics and behavioral preferences as well, because these speak to peoples’ lifestyle patterns, attitudes, and expectations that most certainly drive travel-buying decisions. And now, they’re helping to shape the way travel brands… Read more »

Getting to Know the Solo Woman Traveler

solo woman traveler

Targeting solo female travelers as a single market is virtually impossible – women of all ages, life stages, nationalities, education levels and socioeconomic backgrounds are taking to solo travel. A Market that’s Too Big to be “Niche” Internet chatter around the “solo woman traveler” is high. There’s a significant number of solo female travel bloggers… Read more »

US Travelers’ Top Search Destinations May Surprise You

traveler destination

Travelers are turning to search engines for inspiration when planning trips. Sure, they’re influenced by friends and family (as well as their own personal interests and travel dreams), but they’re increasingly looking online for ideas…and finding them. What’s trending among US travel searchers? What destinations are they exploring? What destinations are attracting more interest? These… Read more »