Get to Know the Leisure Travel Trendsetters

leisure travel trends

Who—and we mean this literally—is going to influence travel brands’ strategies over the next few years? While corporate decision-makers, travel bloggers and industry media have some clout, it’s the travel trendsetters—the customers—who will inspire business decisions ranging from pricing to technology offerings to marketing campaigns. Potential new customers live around the globe and represent a… Read more »

Challenges of Cross-border and Foreign Currency Payments for Suppliers

cross border infographic

For the travel company of today catering to the needs and tastes of customers is vital to business success. In order to give customers what they want it is important that travel companies have the right mix of booking options, which means working with the right supplier base. Building strong relationships with suppliers is therefore… Read more »

Corporate Travel Managers Beware: Your Business Travelers Keep Booking Direct

corporate travel managers beware

Open booking policies are far from the norm for corporate travel policies. While most companies allow for some off-channel booking, they prefer travelers to schedule their flights or stays with preferred suppliers using their corporate travel management or booking system. But it’s getting so much easier for travelers to book directly with suppliers—via websites or… Read more »

Appreciating the Nuances in Travel Trends

travel trend nuances

Sweeping trends in the travel industry include online and mobile booking, self-service and personalization and use of the sharing economy. These trends are found in almost every market around the world and suppliers are responding to consumers’ changing demands with enhanced technology, new service models and more. Yet it’s the nuances within trends make them… Read more »

The Corporate Travel Manager’s Guide to Bleisure Success

Travel Managers Guide

Plenty of corporate travel managers today are doing more than making room for bleisure in their travel policies—they’re actually encouraging employees to tack some personal days onto business trips. Yet for anyone who is still wondering if enabling employees to mix business with pleasure is akin to awarding “free vacations,”…not so fast. When a company… Read more »