3 Opportunities for Today’s Traditional Travel Agency

Agency Opportunities image

In an age of “everything online”, traditional travel agencies have had to continually re-tool their services to remain relevant and provide competitive offerings to today’s consumers. But they’ve managed to secure their place in the market by sticking with what makes them unique: personalized, expert service. Travel professionals come to the table with experience that… Read more »

It’s a Family Affair: Multigenerational Travel

Multigenerational Travel image

More families are loading up the minivan with kids, parents, in-laws, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (or some combination thereof) and heading off to enjoy a holiday together. Multigenerational trips or those involving at least three generations of family members, are in vogue—and there seems to be no end to the opportunities for travel brands… Read more »

Using the Cloud Safely for Payments Processing

Cloud Payments

The drive for efficiency and cost reduction in back office operations is pushing many companies to revisit their manual payments processes and explore how to automate them. In today’s world, automation is likely to mean moving processing and data to the cloud. But payments data includes sensitive financial information. You know customer credit card details… Read more »

Bleisure Behaviors Reveal Opportunities for All

Bleisure Travel Part 2

Today’s business travelers enjoy adding an element of leisure to their corporate road trips and it’s changing the travel industry’s approach to serving their needs. Travel suppliers, corporate travel managers and even destination tourism offices are learning to think about business travelers in new ways—and it’s making an impact on how they manage and market… Read more »