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Health & benefits

WEX offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package designed to help make life better - at work and at home. We believe employee wellbeing drives overall engagement and morale which positively impacts business results. Know what opportunities are available to you as an employee of WEX.



Financial wellness is a key component of an employees overall Wellbeing and WEX offers programs, tools and support to drive this.


Did you know WEX offers 100% match up to 6% of your 401k contribution after 1 year of employment? Did you know a 401k is the number one source of income for most retirees?

Back-up Daycare / Elder Care

WEX offers subsidized back-up daycare at a Bright Horizon partnered facility or in your home. They also help you connect with resources for elder care, dog walking and much more!

Adoption Assistance

WEX pays for eligible adoption related expenses to ensure employees have support holistically, supporting their family growth and related finances.

Tuition Reimbursement

Employee career and personal growth is important, and as a result WEX pays for both undergraduate, and graduate courses for employees looking to further their education.



Your Wellbeing is important. WEX knows that happy, healthy employees are key to the engagement and morale which positively impact business results.

Health and Welfare Program

At WEX, the Health and Welfare program is an important component of your total rewards picture. We provide comprehensive and holistic benefits for all employees working 30 hours or more (and benefits are effective day 1 for new hires).

Onsite Fitness Facilities

Supporting employees both physically and financially is important, therefore WEX offers both free and subsidized onsite fitness facilities at most of our locations. These facilities offer strength training and cardio equipment as well as a variety of classes ranging from Bootcamp, Yoga, Zumba, Spinning and more!



WEX supports career growth and individual development through a variety of programs.

President's Club

Each year, through a peer-nominated process, we award WEXers who most embody our company values and a guest of their choice with a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Referral Bonus

WEX employees have the opportunity to assist in the recruitment of qualified candidates for employment with WEX and to encourage the involvement of our employees in our staffing objectives.

Rewards and Recognition Programs

WEX offers a wide array of programs to engage, recognize and reward employees for performance and peer-based support.

  • Spot Bonus
  • Presidents Club
  • Kudos Award
  • Referral Bonus
  • Gift Card Program
  • Winner’s Circle
  • Service Awards
  • Onsite Wellbeing Perks
Mentor Program

Career support and cross functional teamwork is important to our employees, and our Mentor program supports that through pairing up individuals across different business lines to support their growth and career development.

Service Awards

At WEX, we value your commitment and time spent working, growing and contributing each day. To honor this, WEX awards employees every 10 years for their service.



WEX knows the importance of supporting and contributing to the communities we work in, and offers a variety of ways for employees to get involved.

Volunteer Time Off

Community is a pillar in our holistic approach to Wellbeing benefits, and in 2016 we announced two Volunteer Days per year for employees to use to take the time to support an organization important to them.

Day of Caring

WEX day of caring across the world supports our United Way partnership, contributing to the communities we work in by assisting in different projects from reading with children, gardening and building maintenance, to organizing medical equipment and much more.



WEX offers employees the opportunity to connect across the world through interactive platforms and programs.

Employee Resource Groups

The Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) serve as touchpoints for communities across WEX with shared interests, cultures, identities, and backgrounds.

WEX Wellbeing Program

WEX supports wellbeing activities all around the world. Whether it is Maine employees and their Bike around Campus program, or Australia and their netball league, or Ogden and their marathon teams – WEXers do it all!

Health and Benefits Employee Collage