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CFO Insights Xchange provides a wealth of resources including data, webinars, white papers and exclusive CFO interviews to guide CFOs and other financial executives on their path to sustainable growth. This new platform aims to explore the most pressing issues CFOs and other financial executives face today, tap into the insights of industry leaders and compile our findings into helpful and easily accessible educational materials.

CFO Insights Xchange truly understands the challenges CFOs are up against in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape and is dedicated to helping CFOs and future CFOs achieve success through finance business processes.

The 2nd annual Payments Pulse will be the first part of a series of activities in launching this new platform.


Payments Pulse: Global Trends Survey

The payments landscape continues to evolve, shifting to digital and electronic payments with a focus on data and cloud technology. Emerging technologies such as blockchain and machine-learning continue to accelerate the rate of change in the industry, while safety and security continue to be primary concerns. As a result, companies are challenging senior finance leaders to help them navigate these transformations.

For the second year in a row, WEX partnered with Zogby Analytics to survey more than 1,000 CFOs and senior financial executives in the U.S., Europe and Asia/Oceania from companies with annual revenues greater than $50 million on their views about the payments-processing ecosystem and disruptive technologies entering the B2B payment space across the globe. Findings from this report provide insights on the state of the industry and identify business needs as companies figure out how new technologies will help them become more competitive in the market.

Download the full Payments Pulse report to learn more about the top trends impacting the future of payments.

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