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WEX ClearView: Powerful data analytics for fleets of all sizes

ClearView Snap
Stay informed with quick-read reports delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Review fleet spending data in easy-to-interpret charts and graphs.
  • Monitor data trends to spot potential problems.
  • Check fuel consumption and purchasing breakdowns by product.
  • Identify highest-spending drivers month-to-month.

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ClearView Essentials
Explore compelling visuals and drill-down capability to better manage your fleet.
  • Track fleet purchasing activity details by driver and vehicle.
  • Identify non-compliant driver purchasing behaviors.
  • Investigate card misuse and potential driver theft.
  • Track progress on savings efforts and goals.
  • Improve results through updated policies and training.

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ClearView Advanced
Move from insight to action when you add ClearView Advanced.
  • Locate and share best- and worst-priced fueling locations.
  • Target non-compliant drivers in need of guidance.
  • Create and manage driver messaging campaigns.
  • Communicate directly with drivers/driver managers via email or text.
  • Measure progress and report success to all levels of your company.

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ClearView sample features and functionality

Find more opportunities to save.

Could changes lead to savings? ClearView Snap doughnut charts break down your fuel spend by grade—regular, mid-grade and premium. This information can be very helpful in targeting savings opportunities and showing you where changes may be needed. 

Get a comprehensive overview.

The Volume & Spend Dashboard in ClearView Essentials and Advanced tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across time periods, by product, card, driver and geography. It provides a high-level view of your fleet’s overall performance.

Dig into the data.

ClearView Essentials and Advanced both offer the Exceptions Dashboard, which uses color-coded icons and trend lines to help you easily prioritize your valuable time and attention. Use the dashboards to quickly isolate and quantify your biggest cost-saving opportunities and most prominent purchasing problems.

Single out suspicious behaviors for closer examination.

Examine purchasing behaviors using the ClearView Exceptions Module. Non-compliant behaviors could simply indicate a need for better driver training. Or, they could point to more serious issues, such as fuel theft and card fraud.

Among the exceptions you can investigate in ClearView Essentials and Advanced, are high-price purchases, non-regular fuel purchases, high-priced and off-hour spending, purchases exceeding tank capacity and more.

Take action—create driver messaging campaigns.

ClearView Advanced offers you a new direct communication channel to drivers and/or their managers that will enable you to guide and improve driver behavior.

ClearView Advanced enables you to:

  • Identify drivers whose behavior change will result in the greatest bottom-line impact.
  • Target groups of drivers with common non-compliant habits.
  • Choose from message templates to provide them with guidance.
  • Deploy messages via email or text.

Get Quick, Actionable Insights With Clearview

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