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Small to medium fleets
Hammer Construction

Challenge: The company was losing $500 - $700 a month from theft.

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large fleets
State of Georgia

Challenge: Ensuring cost-effective fleet management.

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Success Story: Hammer Construction

Founded in 1985, Hammer Construction, a business servicing the oil and gas industry throughout Oklahoma and Texas has navigated the cyclical nature of the energy sector by its willingness and ability to adapt to change.

Hammer’s fleet of dozers, trucks, excavators and graders are often scattered hundreds of miles away from its Oklahoma City headquarters. Further complicating the situation, many of these vehicles — and employees — can remain offsite for several weeks at a time. Hammer’s ability to manage this effectively comes down to their willingness to invest in good people, develop efficient processes, and use new technology.

Challenges can present opportunities
Hammer noticed that many transactions included items prohibited by company policy. “There was a time when we struggled with control measures. Fuel theft [among employees] was common,” Doss recalls. “The company was losing $500-$700 a month from theft.”

The solution
Since 2015, Hammer Construction has used two WEX payment platforms — WEXOnline and WEX ClearView — to achieve new levels of employee accountability.

WEX ClearView is an additional solution that is used along with WEXOnline to provide insights recently made available by the advent of big data. Doss now uses it to aggregate, analyze and interpret fuel-related purchasing data, which results in greater insight into his fleet’s expenses.

“I’m able to get at the hard numbers almost immediately and then share with my division managers out in the field,” says Doss. “We originally used the WEX payment program to help bring down fraud. Now, through WEX ClearView, we’re identifying new ways to improve operations.

Through the WEX ClearView dashboard, Doss can see when an exception occurs on any of his 225 fleet cards. Once alerted, Doss can then quickly and easily drill down into any region, department, service station location, vehicle or employee to determine the root cause of the problem.




"ClearView gives us the ability to quickly identify trends and patterns and eliminate the extra risk of theft. Driver mentality has changed from, ‘They will never miss a few gallons here or there.' or, ‘That's just one of the perks of the job.' to, I better not steal any fuel because (Johnny) was terminated for using the fuel card for his personal vehicle.'"
— Steve Doss
Cost Control Manager
Only WEX ClearView™ delivers an unprecedented view of fleet-related activities and expenses that allows managers to identify trends quicker, monitor purchasing behaviors in depth and implement corrective actions to improve fleet profitability.
Success Story: State of Georgia

Georgia’s Office of Fleet Management (OFM) is charged with the data collection, auditing, education, oversight and guidance for fleet management functions throughout the state. They serve one of the largest government fleets in the country – supporting 160 agencies and managing over 20,000 vehicles.

In addition to offering guidance on policy and procedures, the OFM provides education on the latest trends and best practices in fleet management. They are always on the lookout for money-saving technology to ensure the state’s fleets are managed cost effectively.

Maximizing value
The Georgia OFM has worked with WEX as their fuel card provider for over a decade, focusing on providing maximum value – WEX to the state and the OFM to their constituent agencies. The state’s challenges are unique according to Ed Finnegan, Director. “As a state agency, we have to serve the public’s interests by providing them the tools to succeed. Otherwise, things shut down, and that is not an option.” He sees ClearView™ Fleet Analytics as a tool to help “hold onto those valuable dollars so we can do our jobs.”

After having invested in ClearView, Finnegan was in a position of having to, “track real, concrete savings in order to justify the purchase. We had to make a business case for it.”

Demonstrating success on two fronts
In 2016, the Georgia OFM realized savings both on the short and the long term. The analytics themselves helped them realize a savings of $27,000 in the initial pilot alone. But it hasn’t stopped there. With the ability ClearView provides to spot trends and target costly driver behaviors, the state was able to train employees and keep the savings going.

As more and more agencies adopt ClearView technology to analyze their purchasing data, the savings spread and the state benefits overall. “People who have used it, love it,” said Finnegan, “Our audit department, our fiscal managers – the people who mind the money for the state – love it! When they’re in the field, they promote it as a new way to control fuel purchases.” ClearView has enabled us to “get out of reactive mode,” to stop waiting for issues to crop up and to become more proactive, addressing issues before they become problems.



"When we first started using ClearView, the results were dramatic. We were able to immediately show savings and modify driver behavior.'"
— Ed Finnegan, Director, Office of Fleet Management State of Georgia

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