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We hope you’ll find this page useful as a resource for industry information on COVID-19. We will continue to post updates to keep you informed as the situation evolves.

We are all in this together

While many of us around the world are practicing sheltering in place, there are individuals across the globe who are making sure our needs are being met day in and day out. People such as truckers delivering supplies so groceries and pharmacies can keep their shelves stocked, health administrators who are supporting every one of us as we parse through the different parts of our health that have suddenly become a focus, and those businesses all over the world who continue to use our services to make payments and keep the economy going. To all of you, we want to extend our gratitude for the essential services you’re providing to keep all of us moving forward during this difficult time.

Please see our From the Field section below which highlights ways each one of you is making a difference in all of our lives every day. We hope you’ll find these stories inspiring.


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