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With our Trade Solution, you’ll discover a new level of cash control, efficiency and profitability.

How long do you currently wait for your receivables to be paid? How many customers delay payment beyond your terms? And how often must you follow up for payment?

Debtors are increasingly paying their invoices later than the due date. And on average, only after three follow-up calls or emails from the creditor. That’s around 35 minutes of your labour cost, per invoice. WEX Trade Solution gives you a better way of doing business.

Accounts receivable can be a significant drain on your revenue. With WEX Trade Solution, you will save money and have a solution to reduce lost productivity.

What are the benefits of a WEX Trade Solution?

  • Turn your receivables into real cash - real quick
  • Remove the pain of late payments and inject cash into your business
  • Reduce labour costs of the accounts receivable function - no more chasing late payments
  • Safeguard revenue and keep your customers coming back - your designated WEX Trade Solution can only transact with your business or franchise
  • Cost effective - no invoice factoring or discounting; and we'll take on your debtors (subject to our assessment criteria), not just the recent ones
  • Card controls for your customers - they can restrict who can use the card and better manage their costs

How does our solution work for your business?