WEX is one of Europe’s largest providers of fuel cards. We manage a range of flexible fuel cards in several key markets across the continent.

Our roots go back to 2012 when WEX Inc, a US-based provider of payment processing and information management services, recognized the potential to take the European fuel card market to another level.  WEX partnered with ExxonMobil in June 2013 to bring the popular Esso Card™ solution to fleet managers of any size business across Europe.  Our portfolio of fuel card solutions now includes, amongst others, Esso Card™, WEX Card, WEX Karte (Germany) and our GO fuel card.

Our reputation is built on the highest standard of service. Our tailored fuel card solutions match each fleet manager’s precise fuel needs to improve the performance and efficiency of the fleet – whatever the size of your business.

From filling up at the pump to managing your account and monitoring driver performance, WEX fuel card solutions keep your business moving forward.