Controlling costs with smart negotiations.

Our experienced fuel industry experts will optimize your inventory levels while maximizing market timed opportunities, allowing your team to focus on other strategic functions. WEX Fuel Advisors uses industry leading tools to buy at the right time, from the right source all while holding carriers and suppliers accountable and improving your cash flow. You’ll benefit from:

  • Down-to-the-hour fuel inventory management and daily fluctuation monitoring
  • Contract leveraging and our ability to jump on pricing opportunities and spot buys
  • Consolidated invoice processing for you to gain prompt-payment discounts
  • Transaction funding to improve your cash flow and the convenience of just one monthly fuel invoice
  • Bulk Card Readers keep track of your vehicles fueling costs at all points

Using our sophisticated software, our advisors manage your fuel inventory and usage down to the hour. Plus, our experts review and validate each delivery and invoice, virtually eliminating supplier error and hidden fees.

* All estimated savings are approximate and used for comparison only.

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WEX TelaPoint

Fuel wholesalers, retailers, bulk carriers, and fleet operators rely on TelaPoint to work smarter, adapt quickly to changing market demands, and improve profitability.

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The Nation’s Favorite Fleet Card Program

With the WEX Fleet Card, you instantly place yourself on the map for over 4.5 million commercial and government fleet drivers, which translates into increased revenue.

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WEX Custom Card Programs

Take advantage of WEX’s Fleet Card programs to enhance your service offering to existing clients and attract new fleets.

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Simplify and Save with Bulk Solutions

Our experienced advisors will handle tracking and managing your fuel inventory, maintaining your fuel facilities and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

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WEX Large Fleet

WEX offers large fleets the chance to optimize operations across many geographies, company divisions, and multiple vehicle and equipment types. Learn more about how you can reduce complexity and improve efficiencies.

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WEX Government Fleet

Government agencies across America work with WEX to reduce costs and taxes, and increase data accuracy and control.

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