We invest in technology to create exceptional consumer and employer experiences.

At WEX, we understand that technical excellence—including user experience, scalability, and security—is non-negotiable. That’s why we continually invest and innovate to ensure you and your end-users can enjoy an experience that is both effortless and engaging.

We invest in your business to drive brand recognition, efficiency, and savings.

Our white label solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your brand and business while providing short and long term efficiencies and savings. Our goal is to simplify your job, as well as the entire consumer experience.

We invest in your growth to support the future of your business.

It’s not hyperbole when we say that we succeed when you succeed. Our business model depends on your success, so we do all we can to support it—from developing growth strategies, to assisting in employee education, to providing insights on healthcare trends. No matter how the industry evolves, we’re here to help you grow.

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WEX Small Business

The WEX Fleet Card can help your small business save up to 15 percent* on fuel costs each year, while reducing risk of fraud and easing administrative hassles.

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A Global Leader in Virtual Card Technology

Learn more about our electronic B2B payment solution designed to pay your suppliers — such as hotels, car rental agencies or tour operators.

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WEX Large Fleet

Boost your efficiency, cash flow, and accuracy with every payment with WEX Hospital Payment Solutions.

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Our Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team.

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