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Posted October 7, 2015

accounts payable team


Accounts Payable team members typically don’t see a lot of fanfare or receive much recognition. It’s hard for most people to get excited about AP. I know, I know … invoices and POs and payment files should make us all stand up and cheer, right? Right?

The fact is, though, AP is a critically important function in an organization. And Accounts Payable Recognition Week (which typically falls in October) is the perfect time to honor those who work so diligently all year long in AP.

So how can you celebrate your Accounts Payable team? Here are some ideas:

  • Bring donuts to the office one morning for your entire AP team.
  • Another day, have an ice cream social in the afternoon.
  • Treat the team to pizza one day at lunch.
  • Have a team-building outing (could be anything … playing putt-putt, going bowling, volunteering at a local charity, anything that gets your team doing something fun together outside the office).
  • Leave a thank-you note on the desk of each AP employee.
  • Each day of the week, acknowledge a different AP team member for his or her successes and contributions to the team.
  • Post a message on your company intranet (or send a companywide email) from an executive who acknowledges Accounts Payable Recognition Week and the work the AP team does all year long. Here’s some sample copy:

This week is Accounts Payable Recognition Week. Please join me in celebrating our outstanding Accounts Payable team members, who ensure that our company’s payments are made efficiently and accurately:

o Team Member Name and Title 
o Team Member Name and Title 
o Etc.

We appreciate our Accounts Payable team — not only this week, but all year long.


Executive Name and Title

We all like to be acknowledged and appreciated for our efforts. In an area like Accounts Payable — which doesn’t tend to get much recognition at all — you as the team leader have an opportunity to truly make a difference for each one of your employees, and the team as a whole. Celebrate your Accounts Payable team this year like never before!

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