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Posted December 18, 2018

Fleet Management Is Stuffing Stockings With Tech


Fleet Managers Find the Best Stuff for Stockings

With just days until Christmas, people are scrambling to get their holiday shopping done in stores and online. In an environment where there are more choices than ever, it comes down to ease in the customer experience as well as the choices that make their lives easier. This is especially true in the trucking industry, where fleet managers are looking at gadgets and tools that make the life of a trucker just a little bit easier, especially in an industry where life on the road can be sometimes more than chaotic.

7 best gadgets for Truckers

1. Dash Cams: A dash cam is a huge asset to any truck driver. The camera serves as a second pair of eyes, as its data can be accessed to prove who is at fault in the event of an accident. The Lytx DriveCam keeps drivers and fleet management protected and safe with insights that help reduce risk, improve compliance, and exonerate innocent drivers. It also helps develop safe and productive driving behaviors in the fleet, helping reduce collision frequency.

2. The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool: This gadget will allow drivers to perform their own inspection and assessment of tire depth, brake stroke, brake shoe thickness, and windshield damage. The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool will help a driver spot out-of-compliance service items before anyone else does. It will also help a driver know when to bring the truck in for service and repairs. This tool can be hooked onto the driver’s keychain for easy storage, providing relief and a sense of security for drivers and fleet managers alike.

3. Smartphone Mounts: Navigation just got a lot easier! It can sometimes be a challenge to find a suitable place for your phone GPS, but a smartphone mount offers an easily viewable option. This gadget can be attached to the dash to help the driver clearly see GPS routes. Keeping the phone in direct line of sight can help the driver focus more on the road and drive efficiently without getting distracted. A smartphone mount is convenient for the driver and a smart stocking stuffer option for fleet management.

4. Hand-Held Tire Pressure Monitor: A tire pressure monitor will help a trucker stay informed on the condition of their tires. These hand-held gadgets provide information on tire temperature and air pressure. By applying the sensors to the tire plugs and the monitor to the cigarette lighter, the driver accesses an illuminated screen showing notifications or needs. This technology also allows the driver to be aware of tire condition without ever getting out of the cab. Fleet managers may insist on a full inspection at the shop prior to or after a trip, but this gadget provides peace of mind while on the road.

tire monitor

5. All-in-One Portable Battery: This multi-tasking product combines all of the necessities for over-the-road travel. An all-in-one portable battery is equipped with outlet plugs, USB ports, a cigarette lighter, and jumper cables. This product is powerful enough to jump a dead vehicle and has a remarkable battery life. The all-in-one portable battery should be a required backup tool for every trucker and although it may not fit in a stocking, fleet managers would do well to put it under the office Christmas tree this year.

6. Handpresso: For coffee-drinking truck drivers, this product is a necessity. The Handpresso is a great product for brewing coffee on the road when drivers don’t feel like stopping at a gas station or diner or just want to save a few bucks,. This portable gadget fits easily into any truck cab, and plugs into the cigarette lighter while heating coffee to the perfect temperature.

7. Rand McNally: Rand McNally is the country’s most trusted source for maps, navigation, and travel content. They deliver innovative products and services, including the OverDryve Pro. This all-in-one dashboard device combines truck navigation, voice assistance, and a built-in dash cam with hands-free calling and texting. Not only does Rand McNally offer revolutionary GPS systems, they also offer complete onboard fleet management. You can monitor on-the-road job progress in real time, communicating and locating your drivers 24/7.

While some of these gadgets may not fit in a stocking, there is one that always will and offers drivers what they like most — cash and confidence. Gift cards during the holiday season are one of the most popular stocking stuffers and fleet managers agree. Cards from American Express, Visa, or Mastercard can be used at any truck stop, restaurant, or convenience store. Fleet cards are also appreciated at this time of year. Companies like EFS provide a fleet card that will give drivers all the payment resources they need and could even carry a Christmas bonus in the form of a cash advance. So, during the holiday season this year, fleet managers across the country are rewarding hard work with genuine appreciation for a year well traveled and stocking stuffers to make a difference on the road that lies ahead.