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Posted February 26, 2019

Fleet Factoring Enhances Fleet Mobile


Robust Fleet Mobile Made Possible Through Fleet Factoring 

Though truck driver wages have increased over the past year, drivers are still most often paid by the mile – which is why they do everything they can to make each trip as efficient as possible. As is the case with most industries, the trucking industry is leaning heavily on technology to help – particularly the technology truckers carry with them everywhere. And while technology may seem like a big investment, fleet factoring is partnering with fleets across the country to help with the costs.

Technology is providing confidence for drivers all across the nation and where there is confidence, there are efficiencies in the workflow. While fleet mobile technology, particularly mobile phone apps, is leading the industry in ways to manage efficiencies and profitability, there are the obvious things that fleets should never overlook or take for granted. Fleet Owner recently outlined 100 efficiency best practices that any fleet would do well to follow. Here are just a few that could help immediately without additional budgets or fleet factoring strategies.

15 tips to manage efficiencies in trucking

  1. Driving 65 rather than 75 uses 15% less fuel.
  2. Set idle reduction goals.
  3. Keep your tires inflated. ALL of them.
  4. Pre-cool cabs before shutting down for rest breaks.
  5. There is a strong connection between maintenance and fuel economy.
  6. Plan your parking – for instance, face away from the sun.
  7. Slow down going into the wind, speed up a little when it’s behind you.
  8. Match mud flaps to tire width.
  9. Look for tires that exceed EPA SmartWay rolling resistance requirements.
  10. Switch to a lower viscosity engine oil.
  11. Wash trucks and trailers frequently.
  12. Fix loose bumper covers, fairings, skirts, etc.
  13. Add predictive cruise control.
  14. Spec aluminum wheels.
  15. Utilize aerodynamics on day cabs.

With regular maintenance and attention to the details, these tips can really make a difference in maximizing productivity and increasing profit.

truck maintenance

Some frugal investments can also help, and the expense is usually put toward technology. Spending strategies are usually put into place as the year begins and many fleets rely on fleet factoring strategies to help with spending in January and immediate cash flow throughout the year. While fleet mobile apps may not be considered a large expense, the cost should not be taken for granted. Some apps require a monthly fee and the phone itself can be costly. However, these handheld devices can save money, time, and sometimes even lives, so the investment is worth the cost – which is why fleet factoring is part of a healthy financial strategy.

While GPS apps like WAZE and Google can help chart the most efficient route, other apps specific to the trucking industry can help in ways a trucker will come to rely on. Truckers are always looking for ways to avoid long waits at the weigh station or time looking for fuel at the best prices. The mobile apps below can make efficiencies the norm.

Trucker Path Pro

This fleet mobile app allows truckers to crowdshare with each other using an interactive map of the country. It helps find the best parking places in the area or the best prices on fuel. It even has a Truck Posting feature that alerts brokers when trucks are ready for a new load. The app is an advantage for both the owner operator and the broker or contractor.


This free fleet mobile app helps truckers find the best gas prices at more than 7,000 gas stations and truck stops nationwide.

iExit Trucks

This fleet mobile app helps to identify truck stops, fuel, lodging, shopping, food, healthcare services, auto parts stores, and more at every exit on any route of the interstate.


Weigh stations can cause huge delays during a trip. This fleet mobile app gives truckers a way to bypass weigh stations all together. The company provides bypasses in 36 states of more than 600 inspection sites.

Weigh My Truck App

When a weight is mandatory, this fleet mobile app is built to work with CAT Scales to save drivers a considerable amount of time at weigh stations – the driver never has to get out of the truck. When combined with the Fleet One EDGE card and a mobile phone, the app can weigh the truck and provide payment all at the same time.

Fleet cards also make it easier to weigh and pay.  For example, the EFS fleet EDGE card and the CAT Scale Weigh My Truck mobile app provide multi-faceted benefits for both the driver and the carrier.

Carrier benefits:
  • Impact Hours of Service – significantly reduce scaling time
  • Improve driver satisfaction and convenience
  • Eliminate manual reconciliation
  • Improve accuracy of data capture
  • Provide electronic record of receipts
Driver benefits:
  • Weigh and pay faster for better on-time delivery
  • Never have to leave the truck
  • Reduce time scaling
  • Email electronic receipts directly to the driver ─ and any additional addresses specified (e.g. A/P, driver manager)

Clearly, mobile phone technology has advanced in ways the trucking industry could not have anticipated. Fleets are not just embracing the potential, they are making it a way of life on the road. And as technology does not come cheap, the industry is also relying on dependable fleet factoring companies like Fleet One to help it keep up with the most advanced fleet mobile technology out there.


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