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Posted October 18, 2017



Halloween and ghost stories go together like truck stop coffee and heartburn. So some old trucker ghost tales are bound to get retold in the next week or so.

Driving alone at night with nobody else on the road, there’s a heavy silence all around and the only light comes from the moon, the stars and a truck’s headlights.  It’s the perfect setting for a spooky story and truckers can tell them all night.

They talk about Spooksville Triangle on I-44, where red and yellow lights with no visible source have been popping up for more than a century. The legend goes that these spook lights are spirits haunting the places they once lived: A mother searching for her missing daughter; an old hermit walking along the road carrying a red lantern, and disappearing before anyone gets close.

They all know about the vanishing hitchhiker, who climbs into the cab when a trucker picks him up, and never says a word during the ride — then just disappears.

And there are countless stories of disembodied voices, phantom cars, eerie sensations and shadowy figures.

Eventually, though, as truckers share their own ghostly experiences or refer to stories they heard from other drivers, someone will bring up the classic tale of Large Marge.

Now that’s scary!

Happy Halloween, Truckers.