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Posted October 14, 2015

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Three ways fleets can get cash to their drivers on the road.

Almost every cash register has a little penny dish next to it now. Customers pick up a coin or two to meet odd purchase prices or drop off their extras for the next person to use. Because who needs to tote around a bunch of 1¢ pieces?

Actually, a lot of people don’t see much need to carry around any coins —  or bills, for that matter. A credit or debit card makes purchasing and record-keeping easy, and cards are often accepted for even the smallest purchases now. New technology already exists to one day replace cards too. Only a few have made the leap to using smartphone apps or the Apple Watch to pay for goods, and it appears to be the way of the future.

But we’re not a completely cashless society yet. Sometimes only cold, hard cash will work and when truckers run into those situations on the road they need a hassle-free way to get it. Fleets benefit by offering an easy and secure way for any fleet driver to access cash when necessary.

WEX Fleet One offers OTR drivers three good options:

ATM/Debit service withdrawal
WEX Fleet One’s OTR fuel card can be used at any PLUS Network ATM machines or Interlink debit sites.

Truckstop cashouts
If a driver needs a cash advance for any reason, the WEX Fleet One OTR card can be loaded up with funds by their fleet, and then used to get cash at participating truckstops. They don’t have to purchase anything. They can just pick up the cash and move on.

Okay it’s not actually cold, hard cash, but any person or business that accepts traditional checks will take a Pluschek®. They are safe for drivers to keep on hand because they don’t go live until activated by the fleet. They keep everyone accountable because Pluschek can only be used for the exact amount authorized.

The added benefit – all of these cash options are on record, with the same level of driver accountability fleets get with a non-cash purchase.