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Travel Photography Spotlight - Travel to the Falkland Islands!

Posted July 31, 2015


Last month was “Global Travel Month” at WEX where a spotlight was shined on WEX’s global travel business. WEX’s Arts and Innovation Program contributed to the Global Travel Month festivities through mounting a travel photo exhibition in the back lobby of Long Creek. They asked our international employees to share photographs from their favorite travel experiences and hung them in an exhibition titled, “Wanderlust!

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing the photos with you. We hope you enjoy these beautiful travel photography images from around the world.

This week’s photo:

Rockhopper Penguins

Harold Edwards
WEX Fleet One Manager - 10 years
Nashville, Tennessee

Travel Locale: Falkland Islands

“These little guys were part of a colony of penguins numbering in the thousands that make their home in the Antarctic facing cliffs off of South America. These tuxedoed pals were very playful and friendly, and were very social. My family visited this location on a cruise to Antarctica. In addition to the penguins in this area, it is home to many sea lions and other species of wildlife. The Falkland Islands have one of the largest populations of Southern Rockhopper penguins. While on the Endangered Species List, the Rockhopper population still is decreasing dramatically. The cause is mainly unknown, but scientists speculate humans are involved, mostly by commercial over-fishing, oil exploration and pollution. Because this species is geographically isolated to the remote tip of South America and the Falkland Islands, they are very sensitive to changes. They have a very sweet disposition and will captivate you with their adoring eye contact.”

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