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Posted December 17, 2015

driver gratitude


Thanksgiving has come and gone, but with a busy holiday season getting started, trucking companies have reason to continue giving thanks.

For one thing, research shows that gratitude reduces stress. December will certainly have its share of that particular emotion, with the pressure to get everything done well and on schedule, while work and family obligations compete for precious time.

Plus, in one of those rare instances of true harmony, expressing gratitude makes the recipients feel happier to associate with you. That’s a pretty good business practice to have at one’s fingertips, and it doesn’t have to cost anything. Fleet owners and managers have plenty of people on their “thank you” list, and making a small effort to express

The Customers
Deepen the business relationship with customers by putting your appreciation in writing. If your company sends out holiday cards, include a personal note. Including even a small detail — the number of years your companies have worked together, a remembrance of a visit to their city — shows your customer they are valued.

The Drivers
Strengthen the company bond with the men and women on the front lines of your business. Their jobs require skill, patience and professionalism, but often don’t earn them the corresponding respect from the public. Individual thank yous and handshakes for their role in a successful year will count for a lot. Throughout the year, offering thanks for a job well done — in company meetings with others around to hear — lets all drivers know that good work is noticed and appreciated.

The Technicians
Build a foundation of trust and respect with the technicians who keep the fleet’s trucks in good working order, operating at peak safety and on a reasonable schedule for repairs. Like drivers, they often don’t get the recognition they deserve. After all, when there’s no problem to address, few people consider the work that’s been done to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Acknowledge their importance to your business success and their continued pride in a job well done will make them a valuable partner in extending the life of your vehicles.

The Family
They make it all possible. Let them know that you understand that.