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Posted May 23, 2019


foreword by Phil Kading, strategic healthcare and technology market development expert, WEX Health

WEX Health provides our Partners with a wide range of innovative healthcare benefits solutions, but we know there are many niche needs out there waiting to be filled by companies who specialize in products and services that complement WEX Health Cloud. That’s where our Solution Provider network comes in. Through it, we’ve created a marketplace of solutions that extends our platform and acts as a unique destination for you to procure solutions that will help you run and grow your business.

LearnYour Benefits is a Solution Provider for WEX Health and is a video-first benefits communications and technology company. It helps WEX Health Partners provide brief, visually interesting benefits videos. In addition, it combines deep expertise in video production and advanced streaming technology to create solutions for employers, consultants, pooled benefits organizations and consumer-directed healthcare partners.

In the blog post that follows, we’re excited to feature some valuable insights from LearnYour Benefits focused on maximizing the 30 minutes on average that employees spend annually evaluating their benefits options.



Content provided by LearnYour Benefits

Prior to 1993, Domino’s Pizza pledged to deliver your order in 30 minutes or less, or else it was free. The 30-minute guarantee resonated so well, with so many, that it continues to be a part of our culture.

Fun fact for HR professionals: Unum Group recently identified another 30-minute limit. 1,227 U.S. workers surveyed revealed that the average employee spends 30 minutes or less per year understanding their benefits prior to enrolling. Let’s sit down with a slice of pepperoni and unpack this 30-minute limit and consider how communications should change to address it.

Imagine you’re purchasing a new car or SUV. You agonize over the details and read any professional review you can get your hands on. You MUST pick the best vehicle for your family while limiting costly future repairs. PLOT TWIST: Now imagine dealerships gave you only two weeks to choose a new vehicle, and if you don’t choose one, one will be chosen for you. There’s no way the car chosen for you will be perfect, so prepare yourself for something impractical.

This is a great example of the stress put on many employees during open enrollment. U.S. workers assert feeling anxious, nervous, and confused about the process. To compensate for the small amount of time employees dedicate to making benefits decisions, many experts recommend auto-enrollment. Employees are asked to make expensive, complex decisions in a short period of time or accept the benefit plan chosen for them. Additional recommendations are townhall meetings, 1-on-1 meetings, or meeting-leader presentations, but it’s asserted that employees are only going to give you 30 minutes. Doesn’t all this seem counter-intuitive? Perhaps it’s time to pivot to video-first strategies to address this challenging communications environment.

Radio ads used to be 60 seconds long. Now, many are 15 seconds and even five seconds long. That’s right, the Ford commercial on your favorite radio station is very brief. That’s because Ford embraces the idea that consumers have short attention spans. When it comes to benefits, most employees have short attention spans too. Yet, they have to sit through long presentations and read cumbersome benefits summaries to ultimately make an expensive annual decision. Honda Ford would never hand a potential customer a 45-page paper packet, or ask them to sit through a 45-minute meeting. Consumers want short videos, concise messaging, highlighted features, and brief comparisons.

Let’s agree that we aren’t going to get more than the 30 minutes employees already give us. Communications must be concise and on message to capitalize on the limited period of time we get. Humor us as we outline some of our top tips based on decades of experience helping organizations do communications with video and technology:

Video is a must. 10 years ago video was expensive. These days, modern video production companies have lowered their costs by embracing efficiency and proprietary processes while delivering excellent videos. Look to organizations that specialize in benefits communications, use production best-practices, and prioritize efficiency. LearnYour Benefits has assembled proprietary processes and an expert team to deliver short, concise benefits and wellness videos for a fraction of the price of contemporary producers and competitors.

SHORT videos are a must. 15 second commercials, 9 second attention spans, and non-linear learning inclinations are the norm. Look to producers that are comfortable with brief videos.  Embrace that employees are more likely to watch multiple short videos than one long video. With non-linear learning inclinations, employees will move from topic to topic to learn at their own pace. Employees do not want to watch a 45-minute video hoping to get one data point preceded and followed by complex jargon. If you wish to do voice-over PowerPoints, we recommend multiple brief videos rather than one long one.

Less is more. Cover critical information in your videos and save supplementary data for paper infographics. You do NOT need to cover every detail in one long video.

Mobile accessibility is critical. There’s a reason online and mobile advertising is a monster business. That’s where the people are. They’re on their phones, on the subway, on the bus, or in their family room. Younger employees will go days without opening a laptop at home. Offer your employees brief videos in a mobile internet browser. It’s where they want them, and they want them WHEN they want them.

We understand that for many HR teams, resources are tight. Many rely on their brokers and consultants for “free” communications. However, given the massive shift in consumer preferences, NOW is the time to shift to video. Your employees are only going to give you 30 minutes. You must communicate as much information as you can, via high-quality content, in a condensed period of time. Like Domino’s Pizza, you have 30-minutes to deliver and failure to do so can be costly for your organization if your goal is lower healthcare costs.



Interested in learning more about this Solution Provider for WEX Health Partners? Contact your WEX Health Partner Account Executive.

For more insights on engaging consumers with their healthcare benefits, download our new research report, “Paying for Healthcare in America: Challenges, Missed Opportunities & What We Can Do.”


Disclaimer: The blog post above is copyright to LearnYour Benefits and is reproduced here by permission. LearnYour Benefits is solely responsible for its content. Reproduction of this blog post by WEX Health is for the information and convenience of our Partners and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by WEX Health. 


Phil Kading

Phil Kading

Senior Director, Strategic Business Development at WEX Health

Phil leads the Business Development Team in driving enterprise business development campaigns and strategic partnerships that deliver innovative and incremental growth of consumer driven health solutions. Phil has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare and IT arenas spanning multiple sales, marketing and business development leadership roles. Prior to his tenure at WEX Health, Phil spent 10 plus years at UnitedHealth Group where he had progressively enhanced leadership roles focused in commercial health insurance, wellness and data analytics highlighted by running client engagement for Optum Health’s Innovation Lab. In addition, Phil spent 2 years in health insurance and pharmacy benefit management consulting delivering analytical consultation to large employers. Phil received his BA in Business Administration- Human Resource Management and his MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

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