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HSA Day 2022 is here! These resources will help you support employees.

Posted October 15, 2022


National HSA Awareness Day is today! Every year on October 15, we join forces with our partners, employers, and other industry experts to share the value of health savings accounts (HSAs). With inflation and a declining financial market resulting in nearly half of Americans unable to cover a $400 emergency medical expense, we aim to provide meaningful tools and educational resources on one particular benefit that meets the needs of a variety of employees and can help employees beat inflation: the HSA.

Check out our HSA Day resources below!

Check out all of our
HSA Day resources!
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Benefits Buzz podcast

Joining us during our annual HSA Day Benefits Buzz live podcast recording this year to talk about what employers can do to help support employees in the face of decades-high inflation and in the wake of the Great Resignation were: 

Watch our Benefits Buzz episode below or read our episode recap to learn what you can do for employees during these challenging times and how HSAs can help employees beat inflation.

HSAs are a topic we love to talk about on the Benefits Buzz podcast. Check out the following HSA-related episodes we recorded earlier this year:

HSA Day webinars

Mark your calendar for our upcoming webinar “Helping Employees Get the Most From Their HSA” on October 18. We’ll be sharing three ways you can help your employees better understand the value of HSAs, how an HSA can help manage their health costs, and understand how HSAs can be a savings vehicle. 

Don’t forget to watch our “Introduction to HSAs” webinar as well if you need a refresher on the basics of an HSA, how it enhances your benefits offerings, and the three types of HSA account holders.

And as an extra bonus, both of these webinars qualify for SHRM continued education credits.

More HSA resources

We have all the HSA tools you need to further your HSA education and provide top-quality resources to your employees. Take a look at some of our top HSA resources below:

HSA Day 2022


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Interested in learning more about the benefits of an HSA? Check out our HSA Day page today!

Check out all of our
HSA Day resources!
Go to our webpage

Visit now!

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