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Posted August 21, 2019

How to Maximize Late Summer and Early Fall Savings with Your HSA


It’s hard to believe the end of summer is nearing! Last week, we talked about back-to-school budgeting with your HSA, FSA or HRA. But just because it’s time to prepare for school doesn’t mean the health items we need for summertime fun are off the table. In fact, they’re often just as necessary going into fall.

As you soak up the last months of sun before winter clouds roll in, use this list as a guide for covering ongoing summer expenses with your consumer-directed health (CDH) account.

  • Sunscreen. We now know that the need for protection from UV rays is year-round. You can use your HSA to pay for sunblock, lip balm with an SPF of 15+ and thousands of other over-the-counter products.
  • Prescription Sunglasses. You likely already know that contacts and prescription eyeglasses are a qualified medical expense, but don’t forget, that includes prescription sunnies, too! Whether you need to shield your eyes from the hot summer sun or protect them from snowy winter glare, your HSA is there for you.
  • Allergy Testing. There’s nothing like pollen and ragweed to cause stuffiness in the summer and autumn seasons. Feel free to use your HSA for allergy testing so that you can avoid angry sinuses.
  • Band-Aids. Tumbles at the park and on the playground are almost inevitable. Gauze, bandages and first-aid kits are covered under your HSA.
  • Medical Care Outside of the U.S. Taking a last-minute summer vacation or studying abroad? Either way, you can use your HSA to pay for treatment in a foreign country as well as any prescribed drug you purchase and consume in another country, so long as the drug is legal both in that country and in the U.S. This benefit even extends to travel to another city if the trip is primarily for, and essential to, receiving medical expenses. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can use your HSA to pay for a trip because you need a change of scenery, but it does include lodging for the person traveling with whoever on your plan is receiving medical care.

Now that you’re prepared, go and enjoy the remainder of the summer season and the beginning of autumn!


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