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Posted October 5, 2020

HSA Day 2020


HSA Day 2020: The Consumer Experience 

WEX will host its second annual National Health Savings Account Awareness Day (HSA Day) event. The initiative, which will take place on October 15, brings the public and the healthcare benefits industry together to discuss the power of health savings accounts (HSAs) and their ability to impact some of the most prevalent issues Americans face today. These include: managing health-related out-of-pocket expenses, preparing for unexpected healthcare costs, and saving for retirement. 

WEX has partnered with Jean Chatzky, CEO of HerMoney, and Jason Tartick, founder of Restart, on the initiative. They will also be joined by Lissette Calveiro, an established digital strategist, content creator, and business coach.

HSA Day is designed to help Americans understand the many ways that HSAs can be used to save money using pre-tax dollars to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. As educational ambassadors for HSA Day, Chatzky, Tartick, and Calveiro, along with WEX and its partners, will share the benefits and value of owning and using an HSA via social media using #HSAHello. You can follow along on social media by tracking the hashtag #HSAHello.

On HSA Day on October 15, Chatzky, Tartick, Calveiro, and WEX will lead a virtual discussion about best practices for building financial preparedness for unexpected healthcare costs. They will also address and debunk myths and misconceptions about HSAs.

“I am both honored and thrilled to once again team up with WEX on this important and educational mission and to have Jason and Lissette join us in this initiative,” says Chatzky, who also hosts the HerMoney podcast. “Ultimately we are all working together to encourage people to ask questions, talk with their employers or providers, and make smart healthcare benefits choices that save them money while setting them up for success should the unexpected happen.”

WEX’s research shows that millions of consumers are unaware of the benefits of an HSA and are missing out on opportunities to both better prepare for healthcare costs and to save for retirement. Some Americans don’t even know HSAs exist, and many find HSAs – and employee benefit choices in general – to be confusing and complex.

“Now more than ever, it is paramount that our industry helps more Americans understand the benefits and advantages that HSAs can provide,” says Robert Deshaies, president, Health, WEX. “We are grateful to join efforts with Jean, Jason, Lissette, and our partners to increase awareness of HSAs, especially as we near open enrollment season for most employer benefits plans.”

For more information and to register in advance for the HSA Day virtual event taking place starting at 3 PM on October 15, visit today!

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