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Posted December 13, 2018

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Sure, you could read a book about how to get ahead in your career. But we have a better idea: Read The Glasshammer’s profiles of 23 women who work at WEX offices across the globe, and you’ll find plenty to inspire you. Better yet, read below, where we’ve cherry-picked five of the best pieces of advice from our employees featured on the site.

On mindfulness and intention

  1. “I like to make sure that I regularly pause to reflect and evaluate to ensure that I am on track from both a professional and personal perspective. If something is amiss, it’s important to me to quickly identify steps to correct and ‘right the ship.’ Life is too short to not take control of your happiness, career path and job satisfaction. Following this philosophy has led to me to where I am today—in a role where I can genuinely say I am doing some of the most challenging and exciting work of my career to date.” —Kim Ford, Senior Legal Director, Asia Pacific and Global Issuing, WEX

On relationship building

  1. “It’s important to balance my drive to deliver the best for our customers and company with caring and support of the people who make it all possible. I look at the people with whom I work as a family and treat them in an encouraging and supportive way, but I also know that it’s OK to have disagreements and challenge each other to gain the optimum results.” —Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Director, IFCS Application Development and Portfolio Management, WEX
  2. “I value my relationships and act with intention to make strong connections with people. You have to be bold and brave, but also true to who you are: When you act authentically, you can build trust.” —Jodi-ann Johnson, Director, Executive Communications and Strategic Initiatives; WEX

On the necessity of feedback and failure

  1. “You’ll learn more when you own your decisions and mistakes—correct them, learn from them and move on. If you’re not making any mistakes, you’re probably not working hard enough. It’s OK to make mistakes, but you have to realize that a failure is only a failure if you don’t learn from it.” —Irina Hossu, Vice President Finance, Corporate Payments, WEX
  2. “It’s important to be open to new ideas and thoughts, but especially to feedback. If you seek it out and reflect on it, it can help show you areas where you can grow and improve. As women, we tend to follow our hearts and intuition, but we need to balance that with feedback.” —Priscila Palazzo, Legal Director, WEX Latin America

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