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WEX's Anant Patel: Collaboration During Times of Crisis

Posted June 24, 2020


WEX's Anant Patel Discusses Leadership During COVID-19

Pre-COVID, it was hard for any of us to put ourselves in today’s world. There were classic pandemic films like Contagion and Outbreak that helped us imagine what a world mid-pandemic would be like, but to most of us, these depictions were apocalyptic and made up of imagination and fantasy. We would watch in horror while also in a willing suspension of disbelief.

In a recent article published in the HR Strategic Report, WEX’s Anant Patel, Vice President, EMEA & APAC, takes a pause to stop and think about where we are, mid-pandemic. He discusses how leading within an international corporation takes a new set of skills during COVID. To manage a team during this crisis requires throwing out the old playbook and approaching the work on the lookout for new ways to challenge, motivate, and drive people. 

In his article, Patel gives examples of actions taken by his peers in other organizations to help create unity among the workforce, and ultimately what he posits is that the most effective tools for people management during COVID are simple and straightforward. The first is placing a strong emphasis on collaboration. Patel also discusses what it means to lead as a giver and describes approaching his work with a focus on transparent and honest communication with his staff. 

In our current work environment during COVID-19, transparent, giving and collaborative leadership will help us continue to be creative and thrive despite the challenges posed by this new normal.

Click here to read Anant Patel’s article published on LinkedIn on how to lead during this global pandemic.

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