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Posted November 17, 2016

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Barring the unexpected success of any midnight-hour legal challenges to the UK invoking Article 50, the United Kingdom’s decision to remove itself from the European Union will become a reality within the next two years, as leaders from UK and the remaining 27 countries in the EU work toward a hopefully hospitable, mutually agreed upon exit.

Brexit and Its Impact on Consumer Travel Plans and Brand Strategies

This decision voted upon by a majority of UK residents in June, has caused uncertainty among many organizations operating in the international arena, as well as those working, taking holidays or otherwise traveling internationally.

Even following the initial tumult, which has since subsided, it’s still important to keep looking forward and preparing for the next wave of changes that will undoubtedly affect the way everyone—especially travel brands—does business.

Tnooz Webinar: Win customers, post-Brexit, with the right payment strategy

Following WEX Europe’s recent survey and guide on creating confidence among travelers following Brexit, our team recently sat down with Tnooz and the Travel Trade Consultancy to discuss the impact that Brexit is having on the travel industry, the next steps in building customer confidence and the importance of having the right supplier payment strategy to tackle the challenges that the next two years and beyond may bring upon travel businesses.

In the webinar, panelists Martin Alcock, Director, The Travel Trade Consultancy and Lee Jackson, Head of European New Business, WEX Travel joined Sean O’Neill, Editor in Chief & Moderator and Gene Quinn, CEO & Producer at Tnooz to discuss the changing travel plans of consumers and the strategies to be adopted by travel brands.

The webinar, Win customers, post-Brexit, with the right payment strategy, occurred on 3 November 2016, and can be viewed in full on the Tnooz website.

Hear the complete insights on the Tnooz webinar, and view the slides below.


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