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Trends Surrounding European Travel [Infographic]

Posted March 16, 2016


Authenticity, non-traditional accommodations, customized experiences, and increased technology. Just some of the words making up the plans and expectations of European travelers. But what do you, as a travel supplier or partner need to know about the European traveler? The latest infographic looks to share the destinations, technologies and preferences.

Notable Travel Trends in Europe

European consumers are increasing their number of trips and driving demand for luxury and tailor made packages. They’re in pursuit of more varied experiences, visiting new and multi-centre destinations and even planning activity-based retreats.

Holidaymakers are seeking authenticity—whether they’re enjoying non-conventional accommodations or tasting regional food—and they’re willing to move outside of the mainstream to get immersed into local culture.

Thanks to technology, peer influence and the burgeoning sharing economy, it’s getting easier for consumers to customize their travel adventures. Consider these marketplace statistics to get a closer look at how Europeans are enjoying their holidays today.

Top Travel Destinations for EU Residents

As highlighted in the infographic below, the top ten destinations visited by European travelers are as follows:

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Germany
  5. Austria
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Greece
  8. Croatia
  9. Netherlands
  10. Portugal

Technology and Booking Trends

When booking travel, two-thirds of travelers have used the internet to organize holidays, and half of all bookings come from online, with two out of ten coming from a mobile phone. Most notably, the review is more important than ever, with 43% checking out reviews before booking. This is an important factor for travel brands, especially with metasearch and review sites becoming more popular.

The Infographic: European Travel Trends



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