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Learn how virtual payments can help your business drive revenue and achieve operational efficiencies when paying suppliers. Our virtual payments solution is a real-time and touch-free electronic supplier payment solution. By choosing virtual payments from WEX you can avoid late payments, improve efficiency and even earn money on payments made. Improve relationships with your suppliers with faster payments, while enhancing cash flow for your business with access to extended payment terms at no cost. Reduce payment fraud and disputes with a secure payment method that offers customizable options to control and track the timing, recipient and exact amount of each payment. If you are making international payments, our global solution enables you to pay suppliers globally, avoiding unnecessary FX mark ups and cross-currency fees, which can save you 3% per payment made. We can also help you reduce administration and overhead in accounts payable, with easy, instant invoice tracking and auto-reconciliation. Enhanced data capture facilitates flexible and comprehensive reporting. Virtual payments from WEX allow you to focus on your business.