The new fuel price cycles forecasted for both Sydney and Brisbane are looking to be delayed due to notable decreases in petrol and diesel wholesale prices.  This in turn has resulted in changes to prices across metro and regional zones, all around the country.



Current ULP average: 200.4cpl

Price range over the last week: 189.5cpl – 239.9cpl

Current trends are indicating that the next fuel price cycle isn’t due just yet for Brisbane, where the average price of unleaded petrol decreased by around 9cpl. This would usually point to the bottom of the price cycle, but this isn’t the case due to the change in wholesale prices.



Current ULP average: 201.6cpl

Price range over the last week: 177.5cpl – 229.9cpl

Same story down the coast in Sydney, where fuel prices dropped significantly – but motorists can expect a delay with the next price cycle as a result in wholesale price decreases.



Current ULP average: 230.3cpl

Price range over the last week: 195.7cpl– 245.2cpl

In Melbourne, you’ll be lucky to find a retailer who hasn’t increased their pump prices this week – but there are still a few out there! With the reduction in wholesale prices, the discount phase of the fuel price cycle may commence sooner rather than later.



Current ULP average: 198.4cpl

Price range over the last week: 180.9cpl – 245.2cpl

The decrease in wholesale prices affected Adelaide’s current petrol price cycle, which was rather short this time around.



Current ULP average: 193.2cpl

Price range over the last week: 183.9cpl – 235.9cpl

A new peak petrol price in the high 220’s is predicted to hit Perth at some stage today.


Darwin (no price cycle)

Current ULP average: 208.1cpl

Price range over the last week: 205.5cpl – 209.9cpl

Just a small drop in prices for Darwin this week.


Hobart (no price cycle)

Current ULP average: 216.2cpl

Price range over the last week: 194.4cpl – 229.9cpl

Hobart also experienced a slight dip in average fuel prices.


Retail diesel prices

Current Diesel averages:

ACT – 237.6cpl

Adelaide – 231.2cpl

Brisbane – 235.4cpl

Darwin – 236.1cpl

Hobart – 243.4cpl

Melbourne – 235.9cpl

Perth – 229.5cpl

Sydney – 234.0cpl


A rare sight – diesel prices dropping, albeit minorly, the first time in weeks.  Perth is still holding on to the lowest average fuel price out of all the capital cities.


Wholesale trends

Wholesale petrol prices dropped significantly this week, with average TGP prices decreasing by 12.9cpl.

Wholesale diesel prices also decreased this week, with average TGP prices dropping by a huge 17.1cpl.


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Information is based on average price trends up to 10 am AEDT on 11 July 2022. The predictions are based on past fuel price trends and estimated forecasts, and should not be taken as a guarantee of actual or future performance. Fuel price data is aggregated from state government price reporting schemes and from WEX Australia fuel card transactions. Please note: Hobart and Darwin do not experience price cycles.


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