Purchasing simplified.

The WEX Corporate Purchasing Card is designed for mid-to-large companies to streamline the procure-to-pay process and reduce expenses. You’ll save on costs associated with authorizing, tracking, purchasing, and reconciling business purchases.

Improve your bottom line with a new level of control—and take advantage of supplier discounts.

WEX Corporate Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card Benefits

Consolidate and Control Spending

Use a single platform for employee and company purchases with card-level purchase limits and controls.

Optimize the Procurement Process

Streamline the procure-to-pay process with workflow automation to eliminate manual processes and steps.

Save Money and Earn Revenue

Save money on procurement processing costs, plus earn revenue based on purchases.

Simplify and Save

The traditional procure-to-pay process is expensive and inefficient. Requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and check payments are the same regardless of the dollar amount of the purchase. This means the process cost of a $50 purchase is the same as a $20,000. We’ve got a better way.

WEX purchasing cards simplify the process. Utilizing a Purchasing Card (P-Card) can produce efficiency savings of 55% to 80% of the traditional process cost (National Association of Purchasing Cards study).

That’s real savings.

Analytics & Reporting

WEX Purchasing Cards include powerful analytics and reporting tools to give you insight into where and how your company makes purchases, so you can monitor hard-to-track indirect costs and curb unnecessary spending.

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