Get control of T&E expense management.

The WEX Corporate Travel Card makes trips easier to plan, more productive, and less expensive through enhanced spending controls for both your company and its travelers.

Our expense management solutions help you manage T&E costs by automating workflow, reducing business expenses, increasing purchasing insights, and reining in unauthorized spending.

WEX Corporate Travel Card

Travel Card Benefits

  • Broad global acceptance
  • Better managed and controlled travel costs
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Valuable insights into real-time spend data
  • Better compliance results
  • Reduced risk of T&E fraud
  • Robust enhanced travel data
  • Reduced inefficiencies of cash advances
  • Staff can focus on higher value tasks

Analytics & Reporting

WEX Corporate Travel Cards include powerful analytics and reporting tools to give you insight into where and how your company makes purchases, so you can monitor hard-to-track indirect costs and curb unnecessary spending.

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