Get ready to cut costs, mitigate risk, streamline processes, and generate revenue.

WEX electronic payments help you optimize and simplify your financial supply chain—delivering a seamless approach to the procure-to-pay process.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your business, we can help you reduce manual processes and enhance control and visibility over supplier payments.

WEX optimizes your process by:

  • Converting paper-based payments and remittances to seamless electronic transactions.
  • Giving you increased customization and control to manage and restrict timing, recipient and amount of each payment.
  • Driving margin improvement.
  • Reducing the burden of manual reconciliation through enhanced data capture.
  • Supporting core business strategies with our industry expertise and knowledge of best practices.
  • Maximizing supplier adoption of electronic payments.

Are you ready to optimize payments for your business? Let’s talk about your real business challenges and goals—and create a payment solution that works for you.

Our Approach

Simplify Payments

Making your payments process easier is our top priority. Our solution makes the entire process painless, with enhanced data and reporting that gives you and your suppliers valuable time back.

Being part bank and part tech company means we can provide you with the stability to improve cash flow between payment cycles, while also being versatile enough to quickly adapt to changes in your industry.

Build Valuable Relationships

Paying suppliers quickly is an essential part of running a business, but growth hinges on creating strong, valuable relationships.

Our payment solutions ensure your suppliers are paid accurately and on time, while our supplier enablement programs and platforms help you manage, engage and enhance business relationships.

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Wherever business takes you, we’ll be right there with you; gathering feedback, researching trends, and innovating new payment solutions that improve how you do business.

We’ll help you grow your business without borders. Our payment solution makes it easy to pay suppliers in over 150 currencies.

Electronic Payment Solutions

Discover all the ways WEX electronic payments can optimize payments for your business and improve processes.


Virtual Payments

WEX virtual payments provide a seamless way to pay suppliers for invoice-based spend. Our use of entrenched, broadly accepted payment networks and our strategic supplier enablement approach results in rapid supplier participation and improvements to your process and your bottom line.

See how WEX virtual payments can be your supplier payment solution.

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Integrated Payables

WEX integrated payables takes a strategic and disciplined approach to payment optimization by helping you make the perfect payment. This solution provides the ultimate bank-agnostic platform to help you optimize all AP disbursements, regardless of payment type.

See how WEX Integrated Payables can help you reduce costs and unlock cash flow.

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