A strategic and disciplined approach to payment optimization.

As companies seek to reduce operating costs and unlock cash flow from day-to-day operations, the most successful organizations have discovered that focusing on payment optimization–is a means to uncover hidden value and added cost savings.

At WEX, our Integrated Payables platform can help you make The Perfect Payment–one that is paid on time, settled electronically, and achieves the greatest discounts available–by focusing on simplifying your financial supply chain and streamlining the procure-to-pay process.

WEX Integrated Payables is the ultimate bank-agnostic platform to successfully manage and optimize all AP disbursements, regardless of payment type – ACH, virtual accounts, EFT with discounts, global payment delivery, or check.

Through a centralized, cloud-based application, WEX Integrated Payables easily connects with any ERP or financial system, automating the payment, remittance delivery, and reconciliation process across all payment types.

Discover what WEX Integrated Payables can do for your business.

Integrated Payables Benefits

  • Flexible integrated payment options (Virtual Account, ACH, EFT with Discounts, Global Payment Delivery, and Check)
  • Cost savings
  • Increased security
  • Improved supplier relations
  • Greater overall visibility with payables
  • Bank agnostic network and platform
  • 100% electronic payments on day one

How it Works

Our integrated payables solution is designed to work seamlessly with your current systems, so getting started with a more secure and efficient payments process–that improves your bottom line–is simple and fast.


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Optimizing the Procure-to-Pay Process

When done right, P2P is a seamless, integrated process that begins when an item or service is deemed necessary for productivity, and ends when final payment is sent to the supplier.

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Business Automation Results in Robust Virtual AP and Virtual Cards

The lack of efficiencies in the accounts payable systems can lead to enormous risks due to human error. Virtual AP and virtual cards optimize payables with transparency, expediency and accuracy, minimizing human error.

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Integrated Payables Harnessing the Power of Mobile Wallets

To maximize efficiencies and control finances, companies like WEX leverage the power of data and technology to deliver robust integrated payable products, including virtual cards and mobile wallet features.

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