Grow your business with greater supplier participation.

Paying suppliers quickly is an essential part of running a business, but growth hinges on creating strong, valuable relationships.

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While our payment solutions ensure your suppliers are paid on time, our supplier enablement program focuses on a balanced approach to help you manage, engage, and enhance your business relationships.

To start, we assess your suppliers for opportunities to utilize electronic payments, including:

  • Disbursement timing release
  • The cost of processing
  • Enhanced discount capture
  • Ease of reconciliation between buyers and suppliers

We then use these insights to help you launch a successful supplier enablement program. And when you tap into the Paygenus B2B Payment Network you gain ready access to hundreds of thousands of new business connections.

What We Do

Supplier Segmentation

We work with you to understand where to leverage virtual accounts and discount administration based on market research and historical results.

Supplier Engagement

We help you engage and enable suppliers by providing them with clear incentives and easy access to enroll.

Supplier Management

We provide you with program support and training, online remittance data, discount administration and payment resolution.

Collaboration and communication is the key to our approach. We look forward to working with you to bring your supplier enablement program to life.

Contact us and see what supplier enablement can do for your business.

Paygenus B2B Payment Network

Paygenus is a powerful B2B payment network that drives our electronic AP solutions and connects buyers and suppliers to simplify payment execution.

The Paygenus Network delivers a standardized approach to payment processing, cost savings, improved cash flow and offers a balanced approach across the financial supply chain.

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Paygenus Value to Buyers

  • Provides a flexible framework
  • Supports multiple payment types
  • Migrates to electronic payments day one
  • Reduces costs
  • Optimizes discount opportunities
  • Simplifies integration, remittance and reconciliation

“The vendor enrollment experience with Paygenus was seamless and truly appreciate the weekly implementation calls to ensure we stayed on course…I would recommend this to all companies who are seeking to reduce costly checks and mitigate check fraud.”
– Treasury manager, healthcare industry (buyer)

Paygenus Value to Suppliers

  • Faster electronic payment delivery
  • Accelerated sales cycle and lower costs with access to thousands of buyers
  • Potential priority status for future sourcing decisions
  • Paygenus Network payments are made quicker than traditional checks
  • No more mailing delays or lost checks
  • Reduction in fraud risk
  • Guaranteed payments using a virtual card
  • Secure online access to remittance details and timely notification of payment

“The Paygenus Team has been remarkable. From the time I joined the Paygenus Network, they have assisted in making our payments more efficient. I have seen quicker and more consistent payments from the buyer.”
– Controller, telecommunications company (supplier)

Contact us to join the Paygenus B2B Payment Network and access hundreds of thousands of news business connections.

Ready to enhance your relationship with your suppliers?

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