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The WEX Corporate Travel Card uses enhanced spending controls to make trips easier to plan, more productive, and less expensive for your company and its corporate travelers. Manage T&E costs by automating workflow, reducing business expenses, gaining better insights, and reining in unauthorized spending.



Broad Global Acceptance

The WEX Corporate Travel Card is widely accepted around the world.

Manage Travel Costs

Enhanced spending controls mean better managed and controlled travel costs for your corporate travelers.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Give your corporate travelers the security of comprehensive travel insurance coverage.

Valuable Insights

Gain insights into real-time spending data, plus robust enhanced travel data.

Better Compliance

Get improved compliance with corporate traveler policies. Built-in card controls mean a reduced risk of unauthorized spending and T&E fraud.

Gain Efficiencies

Automate workflows and reduce inefficiencies related to cash advances. Free your staff to focus on higher value tasks.