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WEX corporate card analytics help you manage and control expenses by understanding not just critical expenses, but also indirect costs, like travel, office supplies, and out-of-pocket expenses.

With WEX analytics, you’ll get clear insight into purchases, including where people spend, and which vendors are used. You can identify cost-saving opportunities, rein in unapproved expenses, and target purchase categories for strategic outsourcing.

Analytics and reporting comes standard with the WEX Ultimate Card, Purchasing Card, and Travel Card.


Online Reporting & Tools

Get access to comprehensive online reporting and analytical tools designed to automate the review, allocation and reporting of all discretionary business expenses with supervisor oversight.

Account Management Web Portal

Manage your WEX corporate card programs with our iSimplify Payments web portal. Access consolidated expense data and trends with dashboards and real time reporting tools. Set card limits, track activity, and create new accounts.

Administrative Oversight

Administrative oversight and reporting are delivered on demand, by selected date range and/or billing cycle.

Configurable Reports & Data Exports

Reports are available by cardholder, division, business unit, merchant, expense period, or GL account. Configurable data exports can be requested on an on-demand or scheduled basis.