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Streamline your purchasing process with an integrated, powerful card program. Mid-to-large companies can capture two or more commercial card programs into a single card or account. Get superior flexibility, unified data capture, and enhanced expense reporting and control.


Reduce Administrative Costs

Save time and money by shifting from cash and check to card payments. More efficient internal processes, less auditing and compliance monitoring, and improved employee productivity mean less cost and more time saved.

Streamline Processes

Automate workflows and simplify the management of discretionary business expenses. Identify opportunities and issues using better data insights. Use your spending insights to negotiate improved supplier discounts and contracts.

Achieve Total Control

Take complete administrative control over how, when, and where your card can be used. Set customized purchase limits and get real-time transaction visibility. Create spend policies and track employee policy compliance.

Enhanced Reporting

Get the online tools you need to review, allocate and report on discretionary business expenses. You can configure your reports and run them by cardholder, division, business unit, merchant and more.

More Cardholder Benefits

WEX Ultimate cardholders enjoy great perks—benefits include extensive travel assistance services, rental insurance coverage, purchase assurance, extended warranty, and travel accident insurance.