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WEX Health Cloud is a complete cloud-based healthcare account platform that helps you efficiently administer HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, VEBAs, COBRA, defined-contribution, wellness, and transit plans.

Designed for the complex CDH market, WEX Health Cloud helps increase process efficiencies with “plug-and-play” integration.

  • View account activity across all healthcare accounts in a central admin dashboard
  • Easily access health accounts with the our mobile app
  • Pay medical expenses with a convenient payment card
  • Simplify managing COBRA and direct billing programs

We make health benefits easier for you and your customers. Want to find out how? Watch the video below to learn more.

Simplify your benefits administration with WEX

Simplifying benefits for everyone.

WEX Health Cloud Solutions

Make healthcare benefits easier, not harder.

The WEX Health Cloud Mobile App.

Mobile App

  • View, budget, plan, analyze, and manage healthcare-related accounts and expenses
  • Check balances and other account details
  • Snap a photo of a receipt and submit it as a new claim or add it to an existing one
  • Pay a provider or yourself from a CDH account with the touch of a screen
  • Make contributions or distributions with a swipe and a tap
  • Scan eligible expenses
  • Access HSA investment details

The WEX Health Payment Card.

Payment Card

With the WEX Health Payment Card, consumers have the ease of paying for their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses quickly and efficiently.

With a swipe of the card, funds are automatically deducted from the applicable benefit account for payment. The best part? Convenience and improved cash flow.

This special-purpose MasterCard® card or Visa® card can be used with FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, and other benefit accounts. As you might expect, the card is fully customizable to reflect your unique brand.

The WEX Health Cloud Consumer Dashboard.

Consumer Dashboard

The WEX Health Cloud Consumer Dashboard provides a centralized view of all healthcare activity across all of your healthcare accounts.

The dashboard provides an aggregate view of all claims, debit card transactions, distributions and healthcare expenses. It is easy to see payment status or to request payments for unpaid expenses—all from one dashboard.

With the Consumer Dashboard, managing and budgeting for your healthcare expenses has never been easier!

COBRA & Direct Billing

Integrated print and mail services, electronic payments, check processing, and banking capabilities for COBRA and direct billing.

  • Be compliant and transparent
  • Seamlessly tie users together through a network of real-time web portals
  • Improve efficiency with less paper and less manual processing
  • Ensure payments are received in required timeframes for electronic and paper-based payments
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Advanced Billing & Payments

A central system of record with integrated payment and mail.

  • Easily solve complex reconciliation, compliance, data, and consolidated billing challenges
  • Receive one easy-to-reconcile consolidated invoice for an unlimited number of products
  • Reduce exception items with electronic payments
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