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WEX Health is more than a technology platform. We develop new features, functionality, and efficiency tools, collaborate on comprehensive business strategies, and engineer innovative healthcare solutions.

    How we help:

  • We invest in technology to create exceptional employer and consumer experiences
  • We create white-label solutions that integrate seamlessly into our Partners’ brands and business
  • We develop growth strategies, assist in employee education, and provide insights on healthcare trends

"The platform is second to none. Our clients always say—it is one of the easiest portals to navigate."

Robert Hayes

WEX Health Solutions

Discover who we serve and how we can help your business.


With WEX Health, benefits professionals gain insight into employees’ spending and saving habits—insight they can’t get anywhere else.

Financial Institutions

Gain a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding HSA market by offering High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) alongside Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Consumerism in healthcare is growing—are you growing too?

Health Plans

Start creating efficiencies and cost savings with WEX Health Cloud—a single platform—while strengthening member interactions with a seamless multi-channel user experience.

Third-Party Administrators

Distinguish yourself in the competitive world of benefits and healthcare with the unique services you provide to your employers. Gain a distinct advantage with WEX Health.

Professional Employer Organizations

No matter how complex the business, WEX Health is ready. The WEX Health Cloud platform can be integrated into your clients’ existing core systems and is flexible enough to meet any functional, administrative, or branding needs.

Payroll Companies

Grow, engage and retain business with WEX Health Cloud. Start creating efficiencies and cost savings on a single platform, while strengthening engagements with your clients with a seamless multi-channel user experience.

Public Sector

Simplify the business of health care through modular commercial cloud-based solutions for federal, state and local governments including health and human services, Medicaid departments, and social programs.