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WEX Health simplifies the business of health care through modular commercial cloud-based solutions for Federal, State and Local governments—including health and human services, Medicaid departments, and social programs.

    Comprehensive and modular solutions include:

  • Advanced billing and payments
  • Benefit Cards
  • Financial Support Services
  • Consumer-directed account-based plans


Proven Commercial Success

Streamline even the most complex billing and financial transaction needs, while providing an easy-to-use platform to citizens—all with our commercially-proven cloud-based WEX Health Cloud platform.

Flexible and Fully Integrated

WEX Health Cloud is simple to implement and is designed to integrate fully with existing legacy systems and platforms. No new infrastructure required.

World Class Security & Compliance

Protecting your data and your account holders is our number one priority. WEX Health Cloud comes with world-class security measures built in, including industry leading compliance, certification, and fraud controls.

Products & Services

WEX Health Cloud

With WEX Health Cloud, government agencies and departments can support health claims exchange, data integration, online payments, single bill for multiple products and family member, and so much more.