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WEX simplifies benefits for federal, state, and local government agencies. With domain-specific, modular, and cloud-based solutions, WEX can assist you in the financial administration of your health and social programs, including Medicaid, CHIP, state-based marketplaces, SNAP, TANF, and government employee health benefits.


WEX Works For:

Public Employee Benefits Administration

Deliver a solution that meets the needs of your workforce, from first paycheck to retirement.

Seamless Employee Experience
Ability to offer streamlined benefits with a solution that is easy to use, which increases participation and boosts savings for you and your employees.

One Platform, Empowering Choice
WEX gives you one centralized platform for employees to make informed decisions about how to plan, save, and pay for healthcare with support for a variety of accounts, including HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, EBHRAs and more.

Clear Billing and Payment Solutions
Consolidate invoicing, payment collection, and remittance while easily managing non-traditional payments for seamless administration.

Complete Life Cycle Support
Plan and prepare for workforce changes and easily manage member premiums and payments for employees at all stages and COBRA-qualified beneficiaries.



State-Based Marketplaces

Strengthen your health insurance marketplace with WEX and gain an intuitive payment and billing system for your agency and your partners.

Create a One-Stop Shop
Citizens can shop, enroll, and use their benefits all from one place. Plus, you can arm them with information and tools to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage.

Harness the Power of Financial Management
When you partner with WEX, you gain secure management of complex reconciliation, compliance, and consolidated billing processes that are specific to your state-sponsored programs and your marketplace.

Offer a Consistent Experience
A single sign-on account and mobile app provide 24/7 access — backed with world-class support — that improves the healthcare billing and payment experience for your citizens and your partnering insurance companies.

Streamline Billing and Payment
Consolidate payments into one bill, one claim, and one payment, making it easier for your agency and your insurance partners to manage.



Medicaid and Health and Human Services

Streamline the complex billing and financial transaction processes that come with administering healthcare options for your citizens.

Simplify Every Touchpoint
Drive efficiencies across even the most complex billing and financial processes while providing an easy-to-use platform for citizens. and accommodate income and eligibility changes.

Keep Your Infrastructure
Grow as needed with modular solutions while abiding to policy and serving the needs of your citizens and providers. With the WEX platform — designed to integrate fully with existing systems and platforms — it’s easy to get started. You can also easily accommodate program expansions driven by healthcare disruption, such as COVID-19.

Protect Your Data
World-class security measures are built in, including industry leading compliance, certification, and fraud controls to protect your data and your citizens.

Deliver a Seamless Member Experience
Consolidate payments into one bill, one claim, and one payment, making it easier for you and your citizens and government employees to manage.

Products & Services

WEX Health Cloud

The WEX platform gives government agencies and departments the ability to easily manage:

  • Health claims exchanges
  • Data integration
  • Online payments
  • Single bill for multiple products and family members
  • And so much more!