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With WEX Health Cloud, health plans can create efficiencies and cost savings on a single platform, while strengthening engagements with their members with a seamless multi-channel user experience.

Whether developing new features, creating personalized growth strategies, or engineering technically flawless and engaging consumer experiences, no one is more dedicated to helping health plans succeed in the world of healthcare consumerism.

"When we look at customer engagement, WEX Health is leading the way in partnering with us in order to put new technologies right in members hands."

BCBS of South Carolina (4/6/2016)


A Seamless Multi-Channel User Experience

Our easy-to-use solution gives you real-time visibility and control over your holistic consumer-driven accounts—including COBRA—via our mobile app and online platform.

Create Efficiencies & Cost Savings

WEX Health Cloud consolidates multiple types of accounts on one centralized platform, so you can better meet employer group needs while creating new efficiencies and cost savings.

Get Complete Control

Protect data while meeting compliance regulations and fraud protection standards—and maintaining strict compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Products & Services

WEX Health Cloud

Integrate WEX Health Cloud into your existing core medical systems with the flexibility to meet any functional, administrative, or branding needs. Support thousands of consumer driven health plan designs.