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As health spending account (HSA) adoption hits an all-time high, financial institutions have the opportunity to help consumers invest their contributions for long-term use by creating new products, services, and communication strategies.

With WEX Health Cloud you can take advantage of this disruption and expand your business—whether you’re a large bank, investment firm, community bank, or credit union.

"WEX brings us a very robust platform that is best-in-class for user experience both at the employer and employee level. It helps us sell to those opportunities because we have a very good platform for all products and really competes with the best of the best in the industry."

HSA Bank


World Class Security & Compliance

Protecting your data and your account holders is our number one priority. WEX Health Cloud comes with world-class security measures built in, including industry leading compliance, certification, and fraud controls.

A Team Dedicated to Strategic Growth & Support

When you partner with us, you’ll gain a strategic team to help you implement technology and grow accounts on the the WEX Health Cloud platform.

Flexible and Fully Integrated

WEX Health Cloud is simple to implement and is designed to integrate fully with existing legacy systems and platforms. No new infrastructure required.

Industry Expertise & Innovation

With cross-industry expertise and innovative technology, we help financial institutions like yours react swiftly to changes in healthcare regulations, evolving consumer demands, and the ever-changing market landscape.

Who We Help


More employees are enrolling in high-deductible health plans and along with that, opening and funding health savings accounts to pay for future healthcare expenditures. Financial institutions see the writing on the wall and many are offering accounts and some are even looking for ways to grow in this market.

Investment Firms

Like 401(k)s, HSAs can increase assets under management while giving financial institutions another valuable service they can offer to customers. More people are beginning to use their health savings accounts in conjunction with their 401(k)s to reduce taxable income and save for retirement.

Community Banks/Credit Unions

Smaller financial institutions are finding value in entering the HSA market. Because HSAs allow banks and credit unions to reach not only employers, but to also engage their employees which can lead to additional interactions and ultimately more business for the bank or credit union.

Products & Services

WEX Health Cloud

Make it easier to administer healthcare accounts—plus enable employees to manage their own healthcare-related accounts and expenses. WEX Health Cloud was designed for the complex Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDH) market.