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WEX Health can take on the most complicated business your clients can throw at you. With our team of experts and the industry leading WEX Health Cloud platform at your disposal, navigating the complex world of healthcare has never been easier.

See how you can consolidate and own your HSA, HRA, FSA, and COBRA accounts with WEX Health Cloud.


Always Innovating

We’re constantly developing new technologies and features to increase engagement, improve the user experience, and attract new employees.

Flexible and Fully Integrated

WEX Health Cloud is simple to implement and is designed to integrate fully with existing legacy systems and platforms. No new infrastructure required.

Create Efficiencies & Cost Savings

WEX Health Cloud provides easy client setup, real-time access to reports and notifications, and advanced billing and payments, allowing you to create new efficiencies and cost savings.

Products & Services

WEX Health Cloud

With WEX Health Cloud you have everything you need to custom-tailor the perfect healthcare benefit administration solution for your business. Grow your business with “plug-and-play” integration.